La Renken – La Renken EP  // TACU006

Straight out of Lima, La Renken has been putting out some solid rhythms for over 6 years, playing all over the city, and making a name for themselves in the reggae circuit.  Initial run: 300 copies on CD w/ full color cardboard sleeves. SOLD OUT

Dinosaurio Sound – Grela!  // TACU005

Straight out of Lima, Peru, Dinosaurio Sound mixes Cumbia/Jazz/Tropical vibes, to create some rich chicha for the soul!

This first EP is a mix of jazzy chords, loose percussion, and left-field samples. Available as a pay-what-you-want download.

Listen: Grela! by Dinosaurio Sound Sistema

Michael Beach – Mountains + Valleys // TACU004

Tacu Tacu’s first international release! Michael Beach’s brilliant Mountains + Valleys. Issued in a limited run of 100 hand screen-printed CD-Rs in awesome color cardboard sleeves, with hand-numbered cards!

(We have a few of these left! If you’d like a copy email us.  $6 + postage)

Reviews for Mountains + Valleys:
“Hooky and a little bit heavy, driving and catchy like crazy, and that tempo shift just kills us every time, so unexpected, but so cool…..Drifting from crunchy post punk, to woozy psychedelic drift, to countrified rust belt songsmithery, and several other stops in between… Gorgeous stuff for sure.” – Aquarius Records

Listen: Straight Spines by Michael Beach



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